An International Library

Gentofte Kommune is an international municipality, which is reflected at our libraries.

At Gentofte Bibliotekerne you will find a vast selection of books in other languages than Danish. In fact at the Main Library, Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, there is even a section called International. 

Here you will find a selection of fiction and non-fiction in English, including a section about Denmark, the Danes, Danish culture, and Danish fiction translated to English. There is also a selection of books in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian and a section of World Literature - books either translated into English from other languages or written in English by authors from former colonies. This area invites you to lounge yourself in the lower chairs. 

Would you like to practice your Danish? Join us at Gentofte Hovedbibliotek Thursdays at 5.30 pm and let the Danish language ambassadors guide you through the tongue-twisting Danish. All levels welcome.

At Ordrup Bibliotek you can practice your Spanish skills every Monday at the Spanish Café. Whether you are fluent in the language or just starting out you are most welcome. 

Remember, that you can always use our free Wi-Fi at the library. And that we have a vast selection of online ressources for you to use as well. Both here at the library and at home, once you are registered.

Find out more about Gentofte Bibliotekerne and what we have to offer by following the links at the left of the page.