What are the rules for fees and bills?

When you return or renew a book to late a fee is automaticly applied to your loaner account, the size of the fee depends on how late you are.


Fees are as follows:

Adult fees :
1-7 days 20 kr.
8-30 days 60 kr.
31-90 days 200 kr.
90< days 215 kr. + replacement

Child Fees:
1-7 days 5 kr.
8-30 days 30 kr.
31-90 days 100 kr.
90< days 115 kr. + replacement

I received a bill for some books. Now I've just returned the books, but I am blocked as a borrower.
If you owe fees of 200 kr. or more, you automatically obtain a loan prohibition. Once you have paid your balances, the loan prohibition is rescinded.