How to make a print account at the library

To print, copy, and scan, you must make a print account. You can create it at the library.
  • Tap the "Print" icon the computer desktop.

  • Tap "Opret ny bruger" which translates to "Create New User".

  • Fill in all fields: Name, email address, username, password, and repeat password. Keep in mind that the system does not accept the letters A, Ø, and Å, and that special characters such as exclamation marks, percentage characters, and quotes cannot be used.

Indtast oplysninger
  • After you fill in all the fields and press "OK", you will receive confirmation that you have been registered as a user. You are then prompted to sign in - this does not happen automatically when you create a print account.

Registrer ny bruger
  • To sign in, tap "Sign in" on the menu.

  • In order to print, you must transfer money to your print account. To do this, press the "buy print/copy" button.

  • Then you must accept the terms, by ticking "Jeg er indforstået med handels betingelserne" which translates to "I agree with the trading conditions".

  • Then select an amount and the payment card you want to use to pay with. 
  • You select the amount in the first drop down menu and the debit card in the second drop down menu.
  • Once you have chosen the form of payment, you will be forwarded to DIBS, which is responsible for secure payment.
  • You can add a maximum of DKK 500 to your print account.
  • You are now ready to order and print your prints.

Get help creating a print account in the library

You can also contact library staff and be created with a username and password.

Tip: You can get staff to link your yellow health insurance card to your print account, then you only need to scan the card when you want to print.