How to send a print job from your own computer

Learn how to send a print job from you own computer to our printer.

  • Choose "Web Print" in the menu.

  • Click on the button "Send et Job"


  • If you want to print in black/white, clisk the the button "pubpr\BIB-SORT-HVID (Virtuel)". If you want to print in colour, click the button "pubpr\BIBFARVE (Virtuel)".

  • To continue, press the button "2. Vælg printer on konto". 

  • Choose the number of copies you want to make

  • ... and press the key "3. Upload Dokument".

  • Upload the documents

  • Choose the key "Upload og Afslut". In English it translates to "Upload and Exit".

  • Log in to the photocopy machine/printer at the library and release your prints.