How to register?

All libraries in Denmark are open for everyone to use. But first you must be registered.

To be able to borrow books and other objects from the libraries, you must register as a patron. You can become a borrower in any municipality in Denmark - even in municipalities where you do not live - and you can be a library patron in several municipalities. 

How to register at Gentofte Libraries?

There are to ways to register:

  • You can register by showing up in person at one of the six libraries.If you have not been issued a yellow card, bring your passport and your valid visa/permit of residence. You will then be issued a membership card.
  • You may also register only using your NemID. Register online with NemID here.

Danish Health Security Card

To register at the library, bring your yellow Danish Health Security Card. Once you register your yellow card becomes your membership card. You may then use this card at the self-service terminals, and the CPR number listed on it as your username online at our website. Note that you can also type your CPR number and your 4 digit code at the self-service terminals.

Self-service terminals

You use the Danish Health Security Card at the self-service terminals for borrowing or renewing library items along with your pin code. Online you use your social security number (listed on your yellow card) along with your pin code. If you forget to bring your yellow card, you can enter your social security number on the self-service terminals instead. 

Email and pin code

When you register, you will be asked for an email address, mobile telephone number, and a 4 digit pin code. The pin code is used to borrow and reserve books, but also to gain access to our online resources. The email address and the mobile telephone number are used by the library only to get in contact with you. 

Online ressources

The library provides access to a wide range of digital resources. You can access them in the following ways:

  • As a citizen of Gentofte Municipality, you have access to all the digital resources via the libraries' computers.
  • As a citizen of Gentofte Municipality, you have access to most of the library's digital resources from home to your own computer.
  • As a guest of Gentofte Libraries you have access to most digital resources via the library's computers - even if you do not live in the municipality.

If you lose your membership card

If you lose your membership card or yellow card, please notify the library, so your card can be suspended and replaced.

Always bring ID if you require help from the staff

If you require help with borrowing, renewing, or to change your pin code, you must bring your yellow card/membership card or some sort of ID, as the staff cannot help you with any actions concerning your status as a patron without some ID. This is to ensure that your information is not abused.

Membership for children under 18

Patrons below the age of 18 need parental approval. The form can be obtained at the library or you can download it as a PDF here. Download the membership form for children under 18 (Opens in a new window). Print the form out, sign it and return it at the library. It is not possible to register online.


We welcome all our guests. Please be respectful and comply with the guidelines from the staff. If the library staff finds that you are in violation of these guidelines, you may be excluded from using the library for a probation time.

You may also be temporarily excluded from borrowing items from the library if you fail to return borrowed items repeatedly, if they are returned in a damaged condition, or if you owe a minimum of 200 kroner.