Lending rules and fees

You may borrow materials from Gentofte Bibliotekerne free of charge.

Registering loans

  • All loans must be registered in the libraries’ self-checkout machines before leaving the library.
  • As a library user you are responsible for the materials you borrow.
  • All borrowing history is deleted when the materials are returned to the library.
  • If your health card/library card is lost, you are obliged to report it to the library to ensure that the card is blocked. Otherwise you will be held responsible for any misuse.
  • The registration of library users is in accordance with The Library Act (in Danish).
  • Library materials are secured against theft.​

Electronic materials

  • Please note that certain online services are only accessible to patrons living in Gentofte Kommune. 
  • In "Dit digitale bibliotek" which translates to "Your Digital Library" you will find electronic reference books, newspapers and periodicals, e-books and other network media, where you can search for all the items that the library makes available. This means that you can use them anywhere as long as you have internet access. All it takes is for you to reside in the municipality and to be registered as a borrower in one of the libraries.

Due Dates

  • The standard loan period is 28 days. Certain materials may have a shorter loan period.
  • The due date for return is shown on the loan receipt issued at the time of the checkout. By logging in to your account via genbib.dk or using our app, ‘Biblioteket’, you can get a full overview of due dates.
  • You can return loaned material at any library branch in Gentofte.
  • As a service, the libraries issue an automatic reminder via email and through the app ‘Biblioteket’ three days before the due date.​ It is your responsibility to return the borrowed materials.

Late return fees

If you miss the due date you will be required to pay a fee.
The fee is calculated from the original date of loan. If you have renewed materials with the same due date but different original dates of loan, the fees will follow the original date.
The fees for late returns are:


1-7 days late: 20 DKK
8-30 days late: 60 DKK
31-90 days late: 230 DKK + replacement


1-7 days late: 5 DKK
8-30 days late: 30 DKK
31-90 days late: 115 DKK + replacement

If you have a total of more than 200 DKK in fees you will automatically be blocked from loaning materials. The block will be lifted when you pay the fees due.


Loans may be renewed via your account on genbib.dk, via the app ‘Biblioteket’ or directly at the library. Renewal is only possible if other library users have not placed a hold on the material/materials.
Materials from other libraries on loan via Gentofte Bibliotekerne may be renewed a maximum of three times.


Library users may place a hold on materials currently out on loan. If you have placed a hold on materials, the library will notify you via email or through the app ‘Biblioteket’ when the material is available and ready to be picked up.

Loans from other libraries/interlibrary loans

An interlibrary loan is an item that is retrieved from a library system other than Gentofte Bibliotekerne. Renewal of interlibrary loans is possible to the extent that the rules in the library of origin allow it.

Interlibrary loans may only be renewed three times and only if the renewal is made in due time.

Interlibrary loans must be returned at any branch of Gentofte Bibliotekerne. If an interlibrary loan is returned at a library outside Gentofte Bibliotekerne, it will not be registered as returned, until Gentofte Bibliotekerne receive a confirmation from the library of origin. This may result in an overdue fee rate.