FAQ – Corona and the Library

The Gentofte Libraries are temporarily closed from December 9th 2020 and until February 7th 2021 so far, both dates included.

All events at all the Gentofte Libraries are cancelled or postponed until February 7th 2021.

Here you will find all answers for Frequently Asked Questions – updated January 15th 2021.

Can I still borrow and return library materials at the library?

Yes, Gentofte Main Library has limited opening hours during which it is possible to collect and borrow reserved books as well as return books already borrowed. Be advised that this service is intended for research and study purposes only.

Opening hours are Monday-Friday 1-5pm until February 7th 2021.

Please have your reservation notification, your yellow health card and your library pin code ready upon arrival.

I would like to reserve books and other library materials – what should I be mindful of?

It is possible to reserve library materials to be collected during the limited opening hours at the Gentofte Main Library. You will get a notification when the material is ready, as usual.

Adhering to the recommendations of the authorities, however, we advise our patrons that this service is intended for research and study purpose.

Should you wish to put your reservations on hold this is possible when logging into your account at the genbib.dk website.

Can I pick up my reservations at other locations than Gentofte Main Library?

No. Only Gentofte Main Library is open during this time. The libraries at Dyssegård, Gentoftegade, Jægersborg, Ordrup and Vangede are closed until further notice. If you have reservations ready for pickup at one of these libraries, they have been relocated to the Gentofte Main Library and will be ready for you there.

Be advised that from the day you receive the reservation notification you have 2 weeks to pick up the reserved material at the Gentofte Main Library. If you do not need any or all of your reservations, we ask that you please delete these. This can be done on the website genbib.dk.

I have a reservation ready for collection, what do I do?

You can pick up your reservation during the limited opening hours of the Gentofte Main Library. Please have your reservation notification, your yellow health card and your library pin code ready.

Queues may form, so prepare for a possible wait outside the library.

If you no longer need your reservation, we ask that you delete this. This is easily done by logging into our website.

How many days will I have to collect my reservation?

As the lockdown has been prolonged until February 7th 2021 for now, we only have the capacity to keep your reservation on the reservations shelf for 2 weeks from the day you receive your reservation notification. After the 2 weeks your reservation will be annulled.

If you no longer need your reservation we ask that you please delete it. This will ease our workload considerably. You can delete your reservations by logging our library website.

Will I be fined for late returns?

No, you will not be fined during the lockdown period of December 9th 2020 to February 7th 2021. When the libraries reopen you will have 30 days to return borrowed library materials without being fined.

If you are receiving messages regarding late returns (or returns in general) by push message from the app ‘Biblioteket’ you can disregard these until further notice. Late fees will not be imposed on you during this time as the lockdown of libraries is an extraordinary circumstance and you can wait to return library materials until the libraries are open again.

I have a ticket for a workshop or an event which is now cancelled. Do I need to do anything?

No, you will be contacted directly if you have paid for your ticket. Some events will be streamed online.

Keep informed about the events calendar here.

What are my options for using the library from home?

You can borrow e-books, online audiobooks and stream movies and documentaries.

Read more about the requirements for using the libraries' online resources and how to register here.

Click here to get to the libraries’ online services.

Did we answer your question?

If not, you can send an e-mail to: bibliotek@gentofte.dk. We will endeavour to answer any and all of your questions within 24 hours. You are also welcome to call us on: 3998 5800 – press ‘3’ for personal service – all weekdays from 10am to 3pm.

Check out the extraordinary opening hours on our website here.